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Showing Tours: the hidden gem of real esate

What is a Showing Tour?

A showing tour is a series of showings scheduled in a consecutive manner. Agents use this strategy to allow clients to view more properties in a shorter time frame

– a “fill two needs with one deed” service if you will. Essentially, the agent collaborates with their client to identify properties to view, and the agent then schedules to show 3-5+ of these properties to their client in a set time frame. This strategy grants both the agent and their client optimization of time and travel, and most importantly gets both one step closer to closing! Here’s how you can organize, enhance and optimize your show tour experience.

How to get the most out of showing tours?

Prepare. In order to have a fruitful showing tour, preparation is KEY.

  1. Have open but clear, objective conversations with your client. Be sure to ask clarifying questions about their needs, negotiables, and non-negotiables. “Are gated communities a fit for you?” “Does living next to a body of water pose a safety concern for you?” etc. It may seem like an obvious step of service, but we will leverage this information to choose the best properties to include on the showing tour.

  2. Give your client the opportunity to use online platforms such as,, to search for properties on their own. Today’s search engines enable buyers to be more proactive in their property search. Take advantage of this!

Plan & Schedule. Time to schedule!

  1. After narrowing down the search to the 5-7 BEST properties that fit your client's needs, it’s time to start planning and scheduling. First, work with your client to choose the best day and time frame to schedule the showing tour. Next, take the time to plan an appropriate route for showings (i.e. start with the furthest listing and work back ending with the closest). Lastly, use ShowingTime to request the showings given the route you created, and the timeframe you’ve established with your client.

  2. As your showing requests are confirmed, research the neighborhoods and become familiar with the listings. Knowledge will reassure your clients you’re doing your due diligence. Whether by comparative market analysis or personal experience, be able to speak to the pros/cons of these listings’ neighborhoods, home trends, municipalities, etc. Show your expertise on this showing tour.


Once the showing requests have been confirmed and you’ve prepared for the showing tour - it's SHOWTIME! (pun intended). On the day of the showing tour, provide your client with the showing tour route and meet them at the first property. (Bonus – Bring MLS copies of all the listings to provide to your client.) Throughout the showing tour, be sure to reinforce their needs and keep notes on what they’re loving or what they’re not.

What are the benefits of a showing tour?

- Maximize your time and travel

- Build your expertise

- Strengthen your client-agent relationship

- Get one step closer to finding your client's dream property!


- Go over the showing tour route with your client

- Limit showing tours to 5 listings

- Keep notes throughout showing tour

- Drive by properties that you can’t schedule showings for

- Schedule showing tours 2-3 days in advance




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